Council Schedule

  • Conncil Schedule for 2022

    2 regular sessions (64 days), 
    5 special sessions (49 days)

Session Number Session Major Events Remark
305th Special Session Feb. 1 (Mon) ~ Feb. 21 (Mon) [15 days] - Report 2022 plans

- Address agenda items 

306th Special Session Mar. 25 (Fri) ~ Apr. 11 (Mon) [18 days] - Appoint final account auditors

- Inquire into council affairs
- Deliberate/vote on 2022 1st. supplementary budget proposal 

307th Special Session Apr. 26 (Tue)  [1 days] - Address agenda items 
308th  Regular Session Jun. 10 (Fri) ~ Jun. 21 (Tue) [12 days] - Approve final accounts of 2021
- Address agenda items 
309th Special Session iuly. 4(Mon) [1 days] - Chairman and vice-chairman election 

310th Special Session

july. 11(Mon) [1 days]

- Appointment of Standing Committee Members
Elections for Chairman of the Steering Committee

311th Special Session

july. 15(Fri) ~ july. 29(Fri) [15 days]

the reelection of a standing member
the election of the standing chairman
Appointment of a Special Committee on Budget and Accounts
Election of the Special Committee on Budget and Accounts
Address agenda items

312th Special Session

Aug. 5(Fri) [1 days]

- Processing of the 2nd Seoul Metropolitan Government supplementary budget bill in 2022

313th Special Session

Aug. 29(Mon) [1 days]

- Processing of the 2nd Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education's supplementary budget bill in 2022

314th  Special Session

Sep. 14(Wed) ~ Sep. 28(Wed) [15 days]

- Determination of administrative audit period
- Inquire into council affairs
- Address agenda items

315th  Regular Session

Nov. 1(Tue) ~ Dec. 22(Thu)

- Speech by negotiation group heads
- Administrative audit
- Deliberate/vote on 2023 budget proposal
- Address agenda items
- Inquire into council affairs